Trade and Transport
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Trade and Transport

We do our homework, we know your needs and how you can be an exporter. We ask the right questions to set your way to sell your products all over the world. And we are sure that the technology and internet are the strongest tools to reach potential markets easily. Our team is creative and experienced with excellent communication skills, will answer your demands perfectly according to your products and service specifications.

Export and Import

Next Istanbul is offering an expert opinion in the foreign trade business field. As we know many local small & medium size businesses do not have any department who will in charge of the foreign trade business activities. Therefore, we would like to provide good assistance with respect to day-to-day operations of coming opportunities such as fairs, market research, reporting, branding, positioning, and more.

Turnkey Plant Setup

as we are Next Istanbul undertakes process, contracting, and fracturing activities for general milling, dairy (milk) processing plants, industrial milk powder plants, industry, and our primary fields of activities are flour and feed milling. Meanwhile, we can help to supply spare parts of the machinery that are used for those areas.


No matter how small or big your business is, no matter the product you are introducing has never been introduced before or there are already a lot of competitors for you in the line, your business needs marketing research before anything else.

The Next Istanbul team has extensive expertise, proficiency, and passion when it comes to Market Research. A majority of us come from strong MR backgrounds and bring a sound understanding of client needs and preferences. Speaking multiple languages comes naturally to us and going global in anything we do is becoming a norm.

Our greatest tool is the great networking of over 30 sales agents all over the world. For us to gather information for the target market is easy as drinking a cup of coffee.

We are ready to give you our best service to market your goods worldwide in the highest conditions.

Business Reporting

Business Reporting improves the quality and transparency of information companies provide so investors and other key stakeholders can make better-informed decisions. The focus is on shifting the model from one that is based primarily on historical or lagging financial information to a model that incorporates relevant value drivers, financial and non-financial performance measures, and qualitative information around management’s strategy, plans, opportunities, and risks. This improved business reporting model delivers a broader view of current performance and a greater understanding of an entity’s future.  The Next Istanbul is working on a number of initiatives in Business Reporting by industry and countries

B2B Organizations

Business to business (B2B) marketing is specialist expertise. It enables a business brand to more attract., build relationships with and provide profitable, consistent sales of products and services to other businesses. Next Istanbul has a great wide network within local markets, we would like to offer to set up B2B meetings in reputable hotels.
The techniques involve in B2B marketing are similar to consumer marketing but are implemented using different strategies. Having a well-defined business marketing strategy is essential to enhance the effectiveness of your sales efforts.

Road transportation

Our company is the fastest the necessary infrastructure to specialize in the provision of road and rail TRANSPORT, rent the trailer RUN 5 pieces through Iran, Azerbaijan and the Turkic republics has begun to provide partial and complete service. TCDD result in forwarding our customers Europe ex- wagon transport agreement is to be made ​​, depending on the demand for cost- wagon we started to organize their transport

Air Cargo Transport

Sea cargo

Rail transport

Cargo aircraft leases (air cargo charter flight)

Passenger aircraft rental (Passenger charter flight)

Bulk shipping (bulk vessel voyage)

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