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Next Istanbul is one of the few leading engineering companies to help create the next world with which everyone can easily make their dreams come true.
It is supported by experienced managers and engineers and is based on work-based thinking for the contemporary era to build a better future.
The name “Next Istanbul” is a combination of the words Next (next step and next look, from the English word meaning “next”) and Istanbul (Istanbul is the name of the city in Turkey where the company was established and one of the strategically and economically large cities and is political worldwide). This name reflects the progress and progressive views towards a better Istanbul, which will have the metaphor of urban planning, construction, architecture, civil engineering, energy and commercial propulsion.
“Next Istanbul” by experienced managers and engineers, who are each of the most effective levers and founders of companies, each with a history of at least 20 years, voluntarily and to achieve a better world with the slogan: We have come So that we are not indebted to future generations.
We have established this company with the strengths of one benefit everyone, the fruit of individual power, so that we can achieve collective benefits by cooperating and using individual potentials.
The fundamental principles by which “Next Istanbul” operates are the five pillars:
1- The strengths of one benefit everyone
2- “Next Istanbul” is inside us. The place we reach relax, Inside of my language. In my existence, between me believes, there is a place “I CAN BUILD MY HOUSE”
3- The world is our home but our roots are never too far.
4- We have come So that we are not indebted to future generations.
5- The purpose of “Next Istanbul” is Supply your Location.
Our ongoing efforts to improve and develop the services we provide have led to the construction of settlements and residential buildings and the installation of wind turbines to use renewable energy, as well as investment in cryptocurrencies and the exploitation of global trade.
We serve all Buildings (including Residential, Sport, Public, Commercial and Industrial) Bridge, Sewage, conduits and renewable energy technology.
We are also developing technology in the modern design and construction in projects.
We understand that customer satisfaction is the key to a successful business and our performance has allowed us to grow continuously since the start of our company.


Providing our clients with the highest quality construction services available in the marketplace, creating customer relationships founded on mutual respect, professionalism, integrity and a dedication to exceeding our client’s goals and expectations. We enter this partnership with a commitment to design quality structures in a timely and cost efficient manner. We made the pledge that we will continue improving our skills and developing new capabilities to meet the challenges and changing needs of our clients.


Respecting People, their Values & Rights
Observing Professional Ethics and Adequacy to all Obligations
Insisting on Quality, Health and Safety, Protecting the Environment & Promoting Sustainable Development.
Cherishing Creativity, Initiative, and Innovation
Promoting Continuous Technical & Managerial Improvements
Advancing Win-Win-Win Relationships

Message from Chairman & President

In the past years, our persistent and never-ending task of continual improvement has led us to the realization that quality is the essential underlying secret of achieving real improvement. It has also reinforced our already deep and genuine conviction that only by relying on people and their boundless capabilities we can achieve our objectives.
We look forward to furthering improvements and hope to serve as an example for our country and the world. We strongly believe that our world has been made a better place to live because of the cooperation of people of all races, colors, and nationalities who strive to gain added value through win-win relationships
At Next Istanbul, we wholeheartedly welcome the growing integration of economies and societies, the free flow of people and ideas, and, above all, the growing collaboration and unity among all those whose vision is to build a better world for generations to come.

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