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How Long to Save Tax Records: What to Keep & Throw Away

January 19, 2022Category : Bookkeeping

Content When every dollar matters, it matters who does your taxes™ If you have records connected to property How to organize your tax records Tax Records to Keep for One Year Do you need to keep tax returns and paperwork? How long do you need to keep tax records for? Join over 140,000 fellow entrepreneurs..

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Partnership Taxation: Everything You Need to Know

December 23, 2021Category : Bookkeeping

Content How partnerships are taxed Calculating Business Expenses Single Member LLC filing requirements What is a Schedule K-1 Tax Form? Why you need a written agreement Understanding Guaranteed Payments to Partners For example, a trust might pass through dividends, interest, and other income to the beneficiaries but pay tax at the trust level on capital..

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Bookkeeper Job Description Template Monster com

March 12, 2021Category : Bookkeeping

Content What is bookkeeping? Do you need a bookkeeper if you use account software? Translations of bookkeeper Starting Salaries and Benefits Advantages of an accountant They provide bookkeeping certifications and training, which can officially make you a Certified Bookkeeper. You’ll be dealing with a lot of financial data and numbers in this career path. If..

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Cap Rate: Defined And Explained

February 19, 2021Category : Bookkeeping

Content Mitigating Cap Rate Risk Calculating The Cap Rate Is a Higher or Lower Capitalization Rate Better? What is a good cap rate in real estate? What Happens When Expected Returns Change? Convert Into A Percentage Get a personalized demo of Dealpath from one of our experts First, you’ll need to learn how to calculate..

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Classified Balance Sheet Categories & Examples Video & Lesson Transcript

February 11, 2021Category : Bookkeeping

Content Viewpoint allows you to save up to 25 favorites. Long-Term Investments Register to view this lesson Why is a classified balance sheet important? Purpose of a Classified Balance Sheet What is the Purpose of the Income Statement? A classified balance sheet is a financial statement that separates a company’s assets and liabilities into different..

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